My services

My services

I offer the following services. If you wish to discuss any of them with me, just email me at

  • Website content strategy
  • Content migration project management

Website content strategy

This will benefit you whether you have an existing site, or are about to commision a new one or a major redesign.

The best content strategies are devised before a website is built. This should then inform the design of the site. Too often websites are designed by someone who does not have a sufficiently intimate knowledge of the website’s content.

Content informs strategy. Strategy informs design.

An effective content review will save you money, whether it results in you opting for a smaller or more effective design (or both), it is your best option to avoid costly mistakes. And it should not be conducted by your web designer. It can be done internally or externally but it must be used to inform your web designer of your requirements.

Ideally, the content manager would be the first person consulted when a website is commissioned. Often, there is no content manager in place at this point, but where a redesign is commissioned this is best practice.

The Four phases of content:

  • Discovery: What is needed/desired?
  • Planning: What will be shown and where?
  • Writing: All of the copy must be crafted.
  • Publishing: Everything must be reviewed.

A website is never finished, and a CMS is never completed. The web, and people’s habits and technology itself, will change in various ways during the lifetime of your website that you can’t predict now. But you can position to take advantage of these changes through good planning.

I can compile a content strategy report after agreeing parameters with you.

How does your content compare to that of your competitors? Are there easy wins to be found?

Great content is not just written – it’s created. It must be compatible with good SEO practice without being subsumed by it. It must be informed by best user-experience techniques.

Content Migration Project Management

So you are getting a new site. There are only a few thousand pieces of content to migrate across, reassemble, and verify. You need a well-rounded candidate to devise and deliver your content on time while communicating well and keeping all stakeholders up-to-date in order to minimise delays. This includes identifying the skills required to maintain your site, not in the few weeks after launch, but far into the future, and training staff.

Content migration alone can be a difficult task to time and cost correctly. There is usually little margin for error. It must be carefully planned to occur within a very specific timeframe. After working for 3 startups, I can manage your process from start to finish.