Website redesign: 5 good reasons

So you want to redesign your website. It’s exciting. But before you jump into what could be a gamechanger for your business or a nightmare that sucks time and money out of it, why do you want a new website?

There are good and bad reasons for doing this and it is important to understand which are prompting the change that you are making.

5 good reasons  for a website redesign

You want to change CMS

If you feel that your content management system is not serving your needs as well as another option can, you face a significant job to transfer your site. Redesigning the site can kill two birds with one stone and minimise disruption.

Your conversion rates are poor

Have they dropped or have they always been poor? Do you know why? Businesses change in various ways over time – it may be time to start from scratch with your website and reorient its focus.

Your customer base has changed

Have you been able to tap into new markets? Have you launched new products? Maybe your site has to fulfill several new functions that the original design did not take into account. It’s time for a redesign.

Your site design is dated

Trends change in website design. If your site looks like it was made in the early 2000s, that’s not a good thing and people will leave because it does not project credibility. As a rule of thumb, a site will last 2-4 years before looking dated, but it is dependent on how fast the sector that you are in moves.

Your content strategy has changed

You started the site to sell your soup products. Since then then you blog regularly, have become very active on social media and run a forum. Perhaps you need a full redesign to make the most of your efforts.

3 bad reasons for a website redesign

Your website isn’t doing well enough

Whoa there! Why is it not doing well enough? Has its performance dropped? Can you improve your content? Are your staff the right people to run it? If they aren’t, a website redesign won’t fix that problem.

Your competitor has redesigned theirs

Analyse what they have changed and why. Do you need a full redesign or can you amend your current site and maintain user familiarity?

You have a new product

So what? Why do you need a new site? Is it fundamentally different to your other products? Does it appeal to the same audience? Do you think you need a new microsite or do you think you need to change your existing site?