How to write an email address

Ok, my name is James and I work at My email address is

How do I best write that?

That’s it. That’s how you write an email address. Post done.

But wait, how do people mess it up?
Either it is mistakenly capitalised or you have a capital letter in your name. If the latter, the uncapitalised version should work but it’s not guaranteed. Either way, people will be unsure if you receive it or not. Never use a capital letter in an email address.
Drop the full stop – people will wonder if it is in the address or they will copy it by mistake.

This is done to try (and often failing) to fool spambots collecting email addresses from the web. If it doesn’t confuse people and get them sending emails to an address that doesn’t exist, it deliberately excludes any non-technical people and causes extra work for them. Get a better spam filter instead.

Write an email address correctly

More and more people are using web based email all the time. They don’t click on email addresses, they copy and paste them. Write it correctly and don’t waste their time. There is no need to overcomplicate this issue.